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Health Careers Information

One of our goals is to help close the gap on the health care professional shortage needed to care for the communities of South Texas. Studies show that where students train they will stay and practice. South Coastal AHEC provides different rotations, a simulation lab, and shadowing experiences to all health care professional students. Housing is available to the students that rotate in the Corpus Christi area.

Medical Explorers

Click here to download the Medical Explorers Application form. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document. To download Adobe Acrobat, Click here.

Medical Student Rotation

We offer four-week rotations to medical students. Students train using a hands-on approach experience while caring for the underserved community of South Texas. The students are able to rotate at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Memorial through the Family Medicine Residency Program or Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Students have the opportunity to have direct patient care for a wide spectrum of patients in an emergent, inpatient, and outpatient setting. The students also will participate in morning reports, lectures and experience the life of a resident.

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Rotations

Clinical rotations for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are available with different community physicians. The rotation allows the student supervised access to patients in an outpatient setting. This will help enhance the student’s ability to formulate a diagnosis through physical examinations, oral presentations, written communications, and treatment plans. 

Shadowing Experiences

Shadowing experiences are available to students that are interested in health care professions. This rotation is in collaboration with CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Memorial. The students will rotate in the hospital and experience a day with a health care professional. The rotation is tailored to meet the students’ requests and help enhance their commitment to a health care profession.

Health Career Exploration Clubs

South Coastal AHEC is an advocate for students that are interested in a healthcare profession. We believe dreams can be achieve with hard work and dedication.  Our health career clubs are designed to enhance the student's basic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in health career goals and to familiarize the student with the medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, medical technology, dental hygiene, physical therapy, occupational therapy professions and other allied health professions and are available to high school, junior high school and middle school students.


The EMRAPPERS and Biomed Clubs are possible through a partnership between Texas A&M Corpus Christi University, The Emergency Medicine Residency Program, and South Coastal AHEC. These clubs are for college students that are pursing a health career.  The students are able to participate in resident lectures, suturing workshops, casting workshops, shadowing physicians, and assisting in research and studies being conducted a the community county hospital.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is a weekly CME program directed by the Department of Family & Community Medicine in San Antonio and is videoconferenced to Corpus Christi. Grand Rounds is open to all Family medicine physicians, residents, other health care providers, and medical students. The series provides evidence-based and patient-center instruction that can be used to prevent disease and improve the delivery of care to patients, families, and communities. 

Health Professions Summer Programs

Different summer programs are available to students with an interest in healthcare professions. The summer programs will vary but usually include hands-on training, certification courses, and an overall view into the different health professions available.   
See our calendar of events for dates and types of summer programs. Also, please visit our photo gallery containing pictures of our past events.